Sunday, August 12, 2012


The name of the beast is not the same as the number or the mark. Scripture plainly tells us what the number is and what it represents. For those who have ears to hear, those jewels of revelation contained throughout Scriptures and other books of Antiquities gives us the keys to the mark and the name. Know that these are allegorical and metaphorical entities and euphemistic phrases. 

Revelation means, to take the cover off". It is a celebration of triumphant success and victory. Those who are not rooted and grounded in Truth still reside under cover of a clouded Babylonian gospel. We can live a triumphant successful life of peace, joy and happiness having victory, receiving the knowledge that it takes to 'Overcome' the mark, name, number and image of the Beast right now! 

I am convinced that only those who earnestly seek Truth, the Elect (the remnant) who have proved themselves and tested worthy will make it through their Great Tribulation victoriously. The Bible says, To he who overcomes, I will grant to eat of the Tree of life, which is in  Paradise" Paradise is Eden. Eden whether you want to believe it or not was located at the tip of Northern Afrika. Paradise was transliterated as  the New Jerusalem--Zion.  

Heaven is a state of mind. The Divine Creator has provided a means by which we can either live in heaven or hell right here on earth, right now! However, if one is awaiting a ‘rapture’, which will never come, or a distant and future heaven, they are living below their means. I submit that the word which should take the place of a so-called rapture is 'Restoration' It is only when one realizes that because a Holy Divine Spirit abides within, that they are in a heavenly place, that the ‘Mysteriesof heavenly citizenship, Eden and the New Jerusalem can be revealed unto them. 

If the entire elect or the remnant are to be raptured prior to the Great Tribulation, what need is there for a Tribulation?  The prophecies of  the Ancient Prophets were sealed and  have been  revealed  to  True Prophets of today for the people right now!  It behooves us to know what the name of the Beast is. The name of the beast represents the 'image of the beast'.

An image is a physical likeness or representation of a person or an animal.  A mental representation, idea or concept that represents in the mind the image. The image is not the thing but represents the thing.  An image is a negative of that from which it represents. A negative is taken and processed into a photo of the negative. The photo is the exact replication of the negative in reverse and mirrors the negative. Therefore, an image mirrors or reflects the mind that it represents. 

Mankind is influenced in two venues: self-will or Divine Will; negative or positive; the old man principles or the new man principles; Christ Consciousness  or  antichrist consciousness. There is no in between! One is either hot or cold. The Angel said to the church, “I know your deeds that you are neither hot nor cold. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit (literally vomit) you from My mouth. 

Throughout Scripture are hints in prophetic prose, symbolism, euphemisms, allegories  and rhetorical phrases. Those who have been given discernment and insight are they who search insistently for and obey Truth once they have found it. These are they who has been given ability to “Shamah” (hear, obey, act); Divine Protocol; Divine Order, Divine Authority; and, Divine Delegated Authority. They keep and adhere to Law and have the Testimony of a Christ!  It is the Law that works all things through Divine Spirit.  These do not teach that the Law is no longer binding or tenable for us today. They know that it is because of  the Law, obedience and  one’s culpability to the Law that grace exists!  The Law cannot and will not be circumvented. For whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap! This is Law! 

The word 'Shamah' is an idiom to hear with implications of obedience and discernment, in order to implement godly Knowledge and Counsel. Let me tell you something, if one is not obedient to or adhere to the Commandments, which are the hub of the Law, they will not or cannot receive ability or capacity to receive the Christ Principles  or discern Revelation of which would guide one into the Mysteries of the Kingdom, which is Christ in us the hope of our glory. These Mysteries have been revealed and given to the True Sons. 

The Sons are the mature or Teleios. The Sons are those Elect One's who has overcome the image of the name, number and mark of the beast. They are the illumined ones. They have overcome the problematic situations of the seven churches described in Revelation 2 and 3. They have surpassed and moved on pass the rudimentary basics of non-essential debates and arguments about the Christ. These have come into Sonship of Promise of their inheritance of Christhood.

The Sons are no longer children but have secured the Promise of their Inheritance in obedience to the  Will and purpose for their life. Therefore, they continually receive 'new wine'.  These revelations will bring the Kingdom children into maturity as Sons.

The Children will not receive these Mysteries directly. The Children have not grown enough to handle the godly Wisdom and Knowledge to rightly divide Truth! They must, therefore, be under tutors until they have grown enough to know what the Will is for their lives. They have not reached the level of maturity needed to receive at the Son's level of authority and knowledge. 

Greater still is the revelation of the Firstborn Sons. One of the children told me that Jesus is the only Firstborn.  This is why children need to respect the mantel of those in authority.  They think they know, yet have no idea what their saying otherwise they would not show a mature one their ignorance.  Scriptures say that Christ was the Firstborn among "many" and that we are co-inheritors as Christ’.

I am not saying that those, even in the Beastly Religious System, have not received what they believe as a Divine Revelation. I am certain they received revelation at whatever state of mind and level of growth  they are. Anywhere the Scriptures or knowledge are being read there will be a certain amount of spiritual importation. This is because Truth will not return void and it will accomplish the purpose  for which it was sent. For the sake of the weak and impressionable ones, Spirit will impregnate those who seek in earnest Word and Revelation at their level of capacity to believe and accept. 

All I am saying is that there is a higher way; there is a more perfect way for us to walk.   This is why the path is called a ‘highway’; it is a continual growth and learning process!  Every round goes higher and higher.  Therefore, if one is stuck in a certain doctrine of beliefs or word they received thirty years ago or even one year ago they could be in error.  This is because Truth is Living and Truth is infinite! However, all will not walk this highway.  All were not called to walk this highway! However all were given the Promise of inheritance of Christhood.

The Apocalyptic movements of gloom and doom and end of the World, along with the tenets of Pentecostalism have ended! The ‘Cover’ has been removed! The Books of the Prophets and Revelation has been revealed! It is time for the people to step out of that religious System into Life—into their Heaven! Spirit is still saying, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”! It is time for True redemption, resurrection and restoration  in this Third Day!

The people have relied totally too long on the feel good tactics perpetuated by those who would think themselves holy. I do not and neither should anyone else depend on what or how they feel to know that  the Creator  is still I AM. I do not lose faith or get side tracked because I do not feel the Divine Presence of the Spirit. Spirit is Energy!  Spirit is matter!  Spirit is everywhere at all times! I know who I AM at the level that I AM now! However, I will continue to ascend the spiritual realms going higher receiving more knowledge, wisdom and understanding to abide in the Presence of my Creator! Knowing this, I have full confidence that all things has been put under my feet and that mankind has been given the power and authority to reside in a perpetual state of Righteousness tapping into Universal Divine Mind. I also know my Life-Purpose  and the Divine Plan for my life  and the Universal Mission of Restoration has been revealed to the Enlightened Ones or the prophets.

All who operate within the authority of these two High Offices of Prophet and Apostle should have reached Teleios having the Revelation of all Mysteries, particularly, as pertaining to their Metron and Course.  I am not saying that they should know everything, which is impossible.  However, they should know what is necessary for them to be well rounded, balanced and perfect within their ‘area and authority of expertise’or their Metron! 

These words were given and revealed to me: “I AM with you, I AM in you, I AM you”. Wow! Just think on that. Every time I say it, my heart is stirred with the same intensity of when I first received it. I shared the thought of this revelation with someone. Once I had shared with them, I saw this quote on their Facebook Page as if it was something they had received.  I was told not to worry about those who plagiarize. Anyone can quote words to a revelation that another has received. However, the Truth and intensity of the revelation behind the words are only known unto those of whom it was revealed. They who plagiarize cannot experience the revelation or walk in the reality of a revelation as it has been revealed to another! They must do the work required to receive understanding of the revelation. My job is to 'point' or direct those to seek revelation for their own Life-Purpose.  Therefore, I am honored when I see someone growing from what I have released.

Once we come to the realization of that revelation alone, that "I AM with you, I AM in you, I AM you", we put ourselves in a place to receive the higher things of the Divine Creator.  We will then not have to plagiarize and get credit for someone else’s hard work and sacrifices. Therefore, our doing is not contingent on how or what we feel or what others not rooted in Truth thinks. And neither should your feelings about what the Creator is doing or saying be a consideration in being obedient to whatever you know it is that you should do. 

 It is time to stop playing church and get down to the ‘nitty-gritty’. It is time to recognize that the Enlightened Ones or the Apostles and Prophets (prophetess for those who get hung up on gender idioms), has been strategically placed as the "Two Witnesses', to release the ‘Secret Counsel’ and Mysteries to "Build up a  Body of Christ'.

It  came to my mind the animated movie “Fivel Goes West'. A really great animated movie.   Fivel, who is a mouse, is convinced that there are no cats in America and the Streets are paved with Cheese. Gets to America only to find cats and more cats. To make a short of it, war ensues as the rats and mice gets tired of running away and hiding. Fivel united all the mice and created a secret weapon. In his little tongue-tie voice, at the peak of the battle, he says, 'welease da seekwet vweepen'!  Spirit is releasing the secret weapon and the keys to overcoming to the Enlightened One's. To deny or to reject these Mysteries  is to deny  Divine Counsel, Divine Authority, Divine Law, Divine Order and the Christ within! 

Unfortunately, some denominations reject the Office of the Prophet because of the statement, “For all the prophets and the Law prophesied until John”. Yet, in Matthew and in the Apocalypse, we were warned to “Beware of the false prophets”. If we were warned of false prophets, it stands to reason that there are true prophets as well. What was meant in this tribute to John was, “…Among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is greater than he”.  The allegory continues saying, “From the days of John” even “until now the kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and violent men (the unregenerate old man with the beastly mind) take it by force”. This is the very same war being perpetuated against the Truth and the Law today! John proclaimed that “the Kingdom of heaven is at hand”!  Christ proclaimed that the Kingdom of Heaven is NOW!   We must without a doubt put these words in their proper perspective!

Mankind has been given many examples of how we can attain and live in Heaven right now. We have been given the “keys” and the "Mysteries" to enter into the Kingdom. This is the Commission of the Forerunners today; to plow up the ground of false teachings, erroneous doctrines and to release the Mysteries that will draw the children into all Truth and maturity as Son’s. These Ambassadors of a high rank are to prepare the hearts and minds of the people to come into the knowledge of who they are and into their Life-Purpose! This is in order for all to be restored and to receive their full inheritance as Sons in Heaven, right now!

The name of the beast and its image is blasphemy! 

"The great harlot who sits on many waters, with whom the kings of the earth committed acts of immorality and those on the earth were made drunk with the wine of her immorality...the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a cup full of abominations...upon her forehead a name was written...Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations..."

People; hear what the Spirit is saying unto the churches of today: The great harlot is the false church and assemblies of great size being led astray and residing in the lower beastly mindsets and  lawlessness. 

Water represents people. The kings are the false leaders and teachers who have set themselves up, by force, who perpetuate violence to the Law, under the power of antichrist, as pastors, apostles and prophets! These, violators of Truth weld the authority of the "beast" who teaches the people confusing doctrines that keep them in the lower flows of the 'rudimentary basics' as they reject their inheritance and  the Law. 

Purple represents royalty. However in this case there was a false sense of royalty intermingled with scarlet which represents whordom. The Great Mother of Harlots was adorned with all the precious stones. These stones are counterfeits to the Foundation Stones of Zion--the true Prophets and Apostles.  Instead of Truth, she is full of abominable things and immorality.

All things have a purpose. These counterfeits who gave power and authority to the beast served their purpose of coming against the Truth! Their purpose is to cause 'great tribulation'! They wage war against the Lamb and the Lamb will Overcome them--the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords! And those who pledged allegiance to the Lamb! They are the Called and Chosen and Faithful. 

 Without a shadow of doubt the Kingdom Age has been ushered in. Many have already made the transition. If you look at biblical history, there has always been a major movement associated with each era. With each movement, there has always been revealed what is to be done and taught to prepare people.   Divine Spirit has revealed a message for the Third Day Sons. The Choice to accept life belongs to each individual. This choice entails to move along with truth and receive the life and earthly inheritance now. In doing this, one can receive a ‘view’ of what the ultimate goal is. Or one can remain in darkness, ignorance and chaos waiting to experience   a rapture that will never come.

Do not be deceived by those false prophets, preachers, and teachers proclaiming that Spirit is doing a ‘New Thing’. The Divine Creator is not doing anything new. Spirit is doing a spiritual shifting to bring us all into our Life-Purpose. We are the ones who are just now coming into the realization, hopefully of the facts of what exactly is being done and what is in store for those who have the Testimony of Christ, which is the Spirit of Prophecy,  Sacrificial love and keep the Commandments. This is how one will know the false from the True...They adhere to Law! 

Prophetic Word is being revealed that is devolving the reality of the Image of the Beast through the Anointed Ones. Unless, one is aware of and accepts the prophetic utterances being released, one will be utterly consumed and confused by the many theories and hypothesis of those involved in the perpetuation of tainted end-time apocalyptic gospel and doctrines.

Those all have one purpose and they gave their power and authority to the beast”...It “has put into their hearts to execute 'her' (The Great Harlot) purpose until the Spirit of Truth and Perfection has been accomplished.”

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!   
 Apostle Rubie James
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